The Prince of Wales

For a little less gastro and a bit more pub, try the Prince of Wales. Tucked in the
corner of Kensington High and Kensington Church streets, this local spot serves up a large
selection of ales on tap for the regulars, as well as typical pub fare for tourists and visitors.
I split a large version of their Fish & Chips with a friend, and I was delighted at how crisp
and fresh the fish and potatoes were served. The cod was lightly breaded, and definitely
not American in its style, and tasted much less like fish than any other filet I’ve had. The
peas were not overcooked, as is usually the case in pubs, and the chips were the perfect
combination of crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Regulars could be seen popping
in and out of the pub with families and friends, and a tourist blends in quite nicely in this
tasty go-to.

Jamie Hausman

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