The Bunch of Grapes

After a long tour of Harrod’s department store, some friends and I plopped down into the
first pub we found along our route home. The Bunch of Grapes in Knightsbridge turned
out to be a new favorite find. Just minutes after our orders were delivered to the bar, our
food came out piping hot and each dish tasted fresher than the next. I ordered the Beef and Ale Pie, per the bartenders’ recommendation for my hungry appetite, and the savory
dish did not disappoint. Alongside an Aspall’s Mulled Cyder, the ale-marinated beef
poured generously from the flaky pastry shell and was gone in minutes. The pub served
this already large meal with a heap of mashed potatoes and an entire dish of gravy, as well
as a proper assortment of carrots and green beans. To be honest, I didn’t have enough room
for the vegetables, as I could not get enough of this savory, English tradition.

Jamie Hausman

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