To save a little money…

By Rachel Path

As you may already know, being student can get you some crazy amazing discounts…as long as you have proof.  Do you have your Mizzou student ID? Yes.  Well, that is great, but will it help you get discounts in London? No, unfortunately not. At least it won’t a majority of the time.  Sometimes it will suffice because people are nice, but most of the time places will not accept it because it does not have an expiration date.  sure you have some sort of card with an expiration date on it whether it be the blue paper international student card CAPA gives you or an ISIC student card.  I recommend on getting an ISIC student card though. It is a foolproof way to assure that you save some money on attractions, movies, and even clothing.  Then you have even more money to spend later on something like… another plane ticket!

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