By: Katherine Reichenbach

Munich, Germany was an amazing city to travel to! It was smaller than I thought it would be, but the German culture of Munich was extremely lively and entertaining. Some of the must-see sights in Munich are the English Gardens, Marienplatz Square, Hofbrauhaus, Viktualienmarkt, and more! You can find some of the most beautiful “beer gardens” in Munich (in the English Gardens) as well. Hofbrauhaus is an enormous beer hall, started in 1589 as the Royal Brewery of the Kingdom of Bavaria. It is world-famous for its German band, traditionally-clad  German waiters/waitresses, massive pretzels, and 1-liter beers! Marienplatz Square is essentially the center of the city and includes many markets, shops, churches, statues, etc. Vikualienmarkt, which began in 1807, is Munich’s biggest outdoor market that sells drinks, fresh food, crafts, and flowers! Munich is an amazing cultural city, and it is also a good place to visit since it is so close to other tourist destinations like Dachau (Nazi’s first concentration camp) and Salzburg, Austria (Mozart’s hometown & the filming location of the movie Sound of Music). If you go (which you should), be sure to enjoy a pretzel the size of your head!

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