Florence is a great Italian city filled with rich culture and amazing food!

When you go fly in to Pisa airport and take a train from there to Florence. Not only is it the best way to get there you can stop by and see the leaning tower on your way! You have to see it.. I was so much more amazed then I thought I would be. It itself is interesting but there is a church next to it thats just as neat to see.

After we saw Pisa, we caught a train to Florence. After going to 2 different train stations, getting on the wrong train and running to catch the next one we finally made it to the beautiful city of Firenze (Florence in Italian!)

 The beautiful Duomo!
The first day we were there just happened to be the opening day of the chocolate festival!There were tents everywhere with every type of chocolate you can imagine!

Chocolate fruit kebabs!


I also got a chocolate covered waffle on a stick!

After the chocolate festival we went to the Ponte Vecchio bridge.
Florence is so small you can get pretty much anywhere in no more than a 15 minute walk.

Jewlrey shops line  the Ponte Vecchio.

You must get gelato! (No matter how cold it is outside)  But be warned: the decorative, puffy, colorful gelato is not authentic!

Go and see Michelangelo’s David statue at the Accademia Gallery…it is breathtaking and illegal to take pictures of so youll have to see it for yourself!

Allie Hinds

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