Geneva and Montreux

Another not-so-obvious weekend destination is Geneva, Switzerland. Geneva is home to the United Nations, the Jet D’Eau (an amazing fountain in Lake Geneva), and the famous flower clock. The views of Lake Geneva are incredible and the surrounding Alps make the city seem surreal. However, be aware that Geneva can be expensive. They use euros, but even seemingly cheap items can cost more than expected—especially their famous Swiss chocolate! Also, finding people who speak English fluently can be tough. Everyone can speak it, but there are definitely various levels of proficiency.

            If you’re looking to get away from the city, try taking a day trip to Montreux. Located on the other   side of Lake Geneva, Montreux is a small town easily reached by train. This tiny town is right on the lake, so the views are spectacular. There is a famous pathway that goes all along the town right by the Lake that is surrounded by flowers and sculptures and ends at Chillon Castle. For those Queen fans out there, the famous statue of Freddie Mercury can be found right on the waterfront.

-Emily Herron

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